Wreck Dive Sites
Min. Depth: 0(ft) Max. Depth: 180(ft) Wreck Type: Tanker Sunk: 1942
This tanker was torpedoed during WWII by U-123. Loss of life was heavy as the oil the ship was carrying quickly caught fire. At 180 feet, this is an advanced dive.
Min. Depth: 20(ft) Max. Depth: 20(ft) Wreck Type: 74-gun ship of war Sunk: 1781
This British warship ran ashore at Will’s Point, near Montauk. Will’s Point has since been renamed as Culloden Point, after the wreck. There are just a few timbers and cannons left of the wreck which are frequently covered by sand.
Min. Depth: 0(ft) Max. Depth: 60(ft) Wreck Type: Iron-hulled freighter Sunk: 1888
Collided with SS Umbria in thick fog.
Min. Depth: 20(ft) Max. Depth: 20(ft) Wreck Type: Ship-of-the-line Sunk: 1884
Condemned to be broken up and sold for scrap, the USS Ohio caught fire and burned in Peconic Bay. Being in such a state to begin with, there is practically nothing left of the wreck. (Barely deserves a record on our database!)
Min. Depth: 0(ft) Max. Depth: 130(ft) Wreck Type: Passenger liner Sunk: 1886
The Oregon was a first-class luxury liner that once held the record for fastest Atlantic crossing.
SS San Diego
Min. Depth: 60(ft) Max. Depth: 110(ft) Wreck Type: Destroyer Sunk: 1918
The only US destroyer that sank during the first world war due to an explosion. There has been a lot of speculation over how the explosion happened; whether it was a mine, a torpedo from a u-boat or internal combustion. The boat sits upside down and is rapidly corroding.