Beach Dive Sites
Beach 8th Street – Beach 8th St, Queens, NY, 11691
A dive, like Ponquogue Bridge, that is tide dependent – do it at high tide. Being in a residential area, parking is tight so definitely carpool if there’s a group going. More depth can be reached here than a typical beach dive, around 40ft, but the marine life can be seen staying close to the jetties.
Horton’s Point – Lighthouse Road, Southold, NY, 11971
Not an advanced dive but required fitness levels are high due to the 100 steps to and from the parking lot. There are numerous rocky outcrops where sea creatures hang out. Current can be deceptively quick and can easily disorientate, so it is advisable to do the dive at slack though with experience it can be dove at other times.
Montauk Jetty – West Lake Drive, Montauk, NY, 11954
Lobsters and fish abound by the west wall of the west jetty. Visibility can be hit or miss so be prepared for the possibility of bad vis after the long drive to the end of the island. Can be dove most hours of the day. Be mindful of compass heading as it is easy to follow the jetty around at its head. Busy shipping lane with the Montauk ferry leaving this area. It is also possible to dive on the east side of the east jetty.
Old Ponquogue Bridge (south) – Beach Road, Hampton Bays, NY, 11978
An advanced dive that can be done at both high and low slack. It is not recommended that this dive site be attempted at any other time. It is highly advised that a number of daytime dives are completed before attempting a night dive.
Secret Beach – Route 48, Greenport, NY, 11944
Access to this site is restricted after incidents of the public trashing the area. LIDA and the village/town control the chained barrier and you cannot get vehicular access without their permission. The site is a great place for beginner divers and by staying next to the pipe can be done at most times though the current can run a bit strong.